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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Are you making Balance Sheet for Self Use ?

Deep Pocket , Ignorance or Business Operations/ (realised) Profitability is keeping you happy in times of economic distress  ? 

Entrepreneurs with deep pocket is surviving thinking that this shall go and we will come out winners , many hand to mouth competitors will die. 

Ignorant Entrepreneurs have no cue what is happening and whether they are in financial trouble. As long as their cash flow is ticking they think they're are safe. 

& the last one is rare class of entrepreneurs thriving and flourishing on true business operation and profitability. They are able to produce, sale and recover their money. 

Economic conditions across business segment is stressed. Banks are finding it difficult to support but they are forced to do it. They are forced to do CDR.  Its time for every business to go for reality check. Its time to make real P & L A/C & Balance Sheet for SELF USE. (Usually its made for shareholders , lenders & tax authorities  and invariably its misleading). 

Making sense out of own financials is the most sensible thing for every entrepreneurs in today's time.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Does your enterprise Balance Sheet reflects TRUE Assets? No Its Not.

Opening the Balance Sheet and looking at the asset side will not give the true answer.  


- Fixed Assets are revalued and not MTM. We all know how much it will fetch if we are out to sale NOW. Yes but its Assets as long as it produces the goods which are acceptable in the Market with our cost structure.
- Stocks have two elements: Bogus & Inflated to boots profit and dead stock reflected having no market value. Remove these two to arrive at true value
- Debtors also have two elements: Generated through bogus sales and almost doubtful to doubtful debts
- Loans & Advances includes money given to associate concerns which is not recoverable in most cases. 

Therefore after adjusting the Balance Sheet with above realities , you may arrive at the RIGHT figure of the assets.  & if you adjust assets with actual liabilities , you may be surprised { shocked } with your networth figure.  

Therefore Balance Sheet is not the right place to find out the TRUE assets of the company.  Its the Non Balance Sheet assets that counts and matters the MOST.

Assets = Resources under Influence of an Enterprise which can be leveraged for Wealth Creation for all stake holders. 

An enterprise can influence its people working for it to give their best, its suppliers to supply best at most competitive rates, its customers to patronage again and again and refer new customers also,   its share holders to invest when opportunity demands , its relationship with government and other agencies to quicken the process and also policy influence,  its relationship with local area  groups/infrastructure ( What Tata Steel has done and is doing for the town Tata Nagar )  to garner their support as and when require , its Brand Promise & of-course its assets in the Balance Sheet. All these are the assets. All resources and relationships MUST be leveraged to create wealth. Not all area under INFLUENCE are reflected in the Balance Sheet.  

Question is HOW to leverage assets and HOW to expand area of Influence ?? Truly successful companies are masters of both. If any one is missing success will be limited but when both are present  success is to be seen to believe. In personal category Amitabh Bachchan , Dr Manmohan Singh are the shining examples of how they leveraged their Assets ( Voice / Acting and Knowledge / Experience - nothing is reflected in their balance sheet on the contrary these assets have made their balance sheet stronger ) and expanded area of influence.    Two of the largest enterprises in the country Reliance leveraged their capacity to deal with govt , capacity to execute at jet speed & Infosys leveraged owners' foresightedness , perseverance and governance policies to create wealth.  None reflected in the Balance Sheet.

To conclude its Assets outside the Balance Sheet that makes enterprise Balance Sheet stronger. Not the other way. Take stock , become aware of your off balance sheet assets TODAY and have plan to leverage them fully.

Assets = Resources under Influence of an Enterprise which can be leveraged for Wealth Creation for all stake holders.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Awaken to the Realities of your Balance Sheet

Earlier I wrote about Importance of Profit Vis a Vis Cash-flow. Yes Cash-flow is necessary but not sufficient. However Cash-flow is infact NECESSARY. 

I recently came in touch with a company with an EPS of Rs.100 plus. Yes they have earned huge profit on their equity but they have defaulted on loan repayment consistently for last 6 months. 

Reason: Profit Earned but not en-cashed. Investors usually goes by EPS and PE etc ratios for deciding about investments. How erroneous it cud be???
On the other side entrepreneurs mostly do not feel the realities of the business performance as long as cash flow is flowing in. Test Check - Just remove potential bad debts , dead stock & dead investments from the Net-worth and see the result. Is the Net-worth is  still positive , thank GOD. I mean it. Most entrepreneurs ignore these facts or even do not know this realities as long as they have cash to take care of their own needs. 

Therefore Profit & Cash-flow both MUST go hand in hand and must be closely watched by the entrepreneurs to remain in business for longer. Any one missing or ignored will KILL the business sooner than expected. 

Weak Cashflow will KILL quicker , weak Profit in the long run. 

Awaken to the realities of your Balance Sheet { Today }.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What is yr Fixed Assets? Plant & Machinery or CUSTOMERS & Brands !!!!

In the Economy where every thing like,  business model, competitive land scape , new technology, is changing so fast I wonder what is the real asset of the company ??? ( in India) started with Books - Today they are selling almost every thing under the sun. (Cuz they have customers, product range can be any thing!!! )

Sony was once upon a time highest Camera selling company - Nokia has taken over the Sony by selling Camera through Mobile Phones. (technology & convergence of everything into Mobile Phones)

From no where is selling thousands of services as discount deals per day.Suddenly perishable services providers will have queue of customers. (Large customer base, product can be any thing & every thing what customer demands or buys)

Question : What is D real assets??? Yes its not Plant & Machinery or Website or anything else. Its yr CUSTOMER base thats it. What ever is spent on customer acquisition, customer service, customer experience and customer moments of truth r the ONLY assets of the company. Brand is the only Asset.  

Everything else is subject to TRANSFORMATION quickly b4 one imagines or realises. 

Business Balance Sheets must incorporate or provide for changes in business eco system we live in. Or else Balance Sheet will lose its relevance in evaluation of company performance.   With IFRS and much more coming up in accounting space, are accountants and auditors ready to awake to the reality of new world??

Pause for a moment & think !!!! Restructure yr Balance Sheet TODAY. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Focus on Balance Sheet first to restructure d Business

Focus on Balance Sheet first to restructure d business

Entrepreneurs mainly focus on sales first and then profit. However it is the Balance Sheet and not P & L statement is the most important business document.  P & L Statement only talks about how company has fared operationally during that particular year. 

Its the Balance Sheet that reflects that whether company is receiving payment of sold goods, leverage is in order or its risky, whether company is  paying their suppliers in time or no, how much have company earned all these years and what company has retained in the business, funds diverted or no, bank limits are overdrawn or otherwise, liquidity position etc etc. 
Therefore review of balance sheet on an on going basis is a MUST to measure the company performance. Even if you want to restructure yr business start with Balance Sheet.

When was the last time Balance Sheet and implications were discussed with auditor or management consultant???