Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ease or Lose !!

When I logout from the landing page has an ad of displaying few products incl T Shirt.  Several times I liked the T Shirt design I had clicked on that but no purchase yet by me from

Reason :

When I click after liking the product my landing page on Jabong does not display that product. I scroll down for a minute and then leave. 

That page shows many other shirts and T Shirts but not the one which I liked and clicked on. 

I don't know technical or business issues involved but I am not willing to put extra efforts and time and therefore sale is not happening.  

Customer Effort is playing significant role in customer experience (CX).

Fulfilling customer need with ease and delight is the role of enterprise & ease comes before delight.  

Many transaction opportunities fail only because of ease factor is ignored or not paid attention too. Imagine revenue loss !! 

Jabong must have paid facebook huge money for this ad and yet failed transaction in spite customer likes the product and wants to buy !!!

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