Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What MOVIES teach about Customer Experience ?

How many times all of us have seen the movie we liked ? 

We spend hours at the cost of repetition of watching seen movies (remember time is our most precious resource) . 

We know the story and sequence exactly. Repeat purchase (viewing) is for the fact that we have had a good experience at the first instance & we wish to repeat our experience that we had liked , cherished

However when directors' creativity takeover viewers' expectations we have seen movie from great directors' failing on the box office. 

Likewise if your company is keeping internal system , processes and efficiency at the core, it will end up like a flop movie. 

Some recent experiences when customers are not at the core of business decisions: 

- Hospital wants medicine replenishment from internal medical store by patient's relative every time.  Isn't it the internal process of the Hospital ?  

- Leading credit card company uses 4 pages for bill printing (incl Ads) but not a line on customer care contact details for any billing related issue. Is customer experience/need at the core when designing this bill ? 

- On a website of leading private bank no way to reach them but for only FAQ driven email options & call center numbers which require many punches before we can talk to anyone. No email ID to reach customer care. Shouldn't  they be customer driven rather than process driven only ?  

- One of the large holiday resort companies keep responding mails with standard replies without reading the customer concerns not as automated replies but with personal name as signatory.   

Ask yourself every-time , what will happen to customer experience when any business decisions are taken ? 

Create a lovely shopping experience during shopping process and product usage and you have acquired one of the finest assets any business can have  - loyal and repeat customer.  

How much time , effort and most important thinking is invested in offering scintillating customer experience which they wish to repeat again and again and still again ?  


  1. Excellent thoughts. No big companies have considered customer experiences in the core of their mindset.


  2. Yes that a pity. All the above examples are of large companies.

  3. Very Great Post.
    I too Have Such Bad Experience With D-Mart.

  4. Nice post, thanks for sharing this.

  5. Great one, I also have a very bad experience with Big Bazar..