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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why /Where/ When/ From Whom WE buy??

Scene 1: Mumbai Local Train, 1st Class Compartment. Vendor selling Pirated DVDs of latest last week released 6 Movies for Rs. 30/-.

All movies were good and most of the commuters wud like to see. Price was extremely attractive if u compare with ticket price plus number of members per family and 6 movies.  (6 (Movies) x 4 (Person) x 170 (Tkt Rate)) = Rs.4080/- as compared to Rs.30/-.

Still he could hardly sell one DVD among at least 100 commuters. This made me thinking WHY/WHEN/WHERE people buy?

I dont think people are still PIRACY conscious when price difference is so huge. Why DVD vendor cudn't sale more DVDs? Most people wanted to see movies, it was available very cheaply,it was available conveniently in Train so one need not travel. Still no sales???

Reasons Cud be:
1) I am conscious that I should not be seen as doing illegal act. Even if no one knows me there.
2) I will buy when I want and not when u sale.
3) Not sure about quality and not sure whom to catch if quality is bad. I dont think for Rs.30 people would mind any quality!!!
4)  I already have these DVDs or I have seen most of the movies.
5) I have no PC or laptop or player to use DVD.

I have no conclusive remarks and wud like to keep it open for readers to share their views. After all its abt people and their buying behaviors.