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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Who is your GURU ?

We find GURUs in all walks of life these days. GURUs are in vogue and everyone with some oratory skills tries to become GURU . 

Be it Management GURU , Finance GURU, Yoga GURU, Spiritual GURU ,  Fashion GURU , Image GURU , Fitness GURU & all kind of GURU. We are in fact surrounded by GURUs. 

Selecting the right GURUs is the major challenge when everyone is surrounded by GURUs and everyone is seeking GURUs. Demand is met by supply however supply is mostly of substandard qualities. 

School Teacher
PHD University Professor
Practicing Professionals
Learn to Teach
Learning for self so Teach
Learned, Self Practice & Teach

Whenever you are selecting GURU on any subject validate his/her qualification on the above criteria.

Will you go to swimming GURU who has no practical experience ? Apply similar test for all GURUs. One may not have matching drowning feeling with other GURUs but at the end if GURU is inexperienced practically drowning is certain.