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Friday, June 7, 2013

Seven BIG reasons to bring Customers Experience at the core of your business

Yes these are BIG reasons as ignoring these can have BIG impact on your business. 

- Your present or future competitors are working on it.

- Your customers are bored with your brand and are looking for something fresh and different. 

- Routine is boring that's why we explore more and more restaurants/food , cloths , travel destination , people & everything else.  

- That will give your business edge , sustenance power and competitive advantage. 

- Customer will spread words about your good deeds and experience you crate for them - Social media and physical network. 

- Smallest of non pleasant experience can move customer away from your business. Don' t ignore any aspects of customer experience.   

- Even if you have huge & long customer loyalty , your new competitor will have power to break that  - Flipkart did for crosswords , Samsung did for Nokia , Smart Phone did for Blackberry , Times Now did for CNN IBN/NDTV

Creating better customer experience is a daily job of every enterprises.