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Friday, March 9, 2012

Word of Mouth or Marketing Campaigns - What Sells for You?

"Pan Singh Tomar"  What?? was the utterance from a friend who I invited to see the movie. 

Yes no star and low budget movies are not marketed extensively hence not known to many and most film goers. 

As against this RaOne was hugely publicised movie and hence though product was (technically superior but was) low on entertainment value was huge grosser. Huge Hype can sale Inferior Product also. 
Similarly most products , not market extensively though better than highly marketed products and services are less known and hence less consumed. 

However things are changing , and changing fast.  In the case of Pan Singh Tomar Social media i.e. consumers themselves have taken up the job of marketing the product. Word of mouth publicity for the movie is drawing crowd to the theater. 

Problem  with huge campaign and low product is that now social media can take out the air from their Tyre and same social media can add extra stepney to the good but lesser known products.

Kolavri D can go viral to become huge success similarly political unrest and rising can over throw governments - this is the power of social media.

Companies  rather than going for huge campaigns should now start spending & spreading on social media and whatever is saved can be used to better the product. In the case of movie invest in script and music. Let the people take charge of collective Chief Sales officer.