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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

" Brain Change not Brain Drain or Gain " Dr Sam Pitroda

Yesterday at one of the events in Mumbai Dr Sam Pitroda reaffirmed the need for 

Some of his gems are :

1) Why do we need 4 years for a degree? Why not less ?  

2) Why do universities need land to set up university? Can it not be virtual and informal?

3) Soft skills (reading, writing, listening,collaborating with fellow students colleagues) is the basic skills without it hard skills cant reach its potential. Today's youth is lacking in soft skills. Universities and colleges MUST focus on that.  

4) Teachers should stop role of content creation and teaching , they must assume a role of mentors. 

5) Everyone has many ideas. Action is what we are lacking in. Only action-ing ideas will change the nation. 

6) Tod Fod Jod Centers at every school. Giving unwanted items like fan, PCs, mixers , grinders etc to students  to dismantle and fixing again. 

7) Young generation reflect , think and do things differently. Generation in power and administration will be failing in their duty if by their old mild set could not unleash potential of new generation.

They are at National Knowledge Commission and Public Info Infra, are doing some great work connecting Universities, Panchayats, small but basic innovations to change lives of small and medium manufacturers and farmers. 

Our newspapers and media are failing in their duty by not bringing these innovations and initiatives to the knowledge of public. Unfortunately crime and corporate news dominates the air time and page space. We need more and more of not only Dr Sam Pitrodas but also positive media.  

As aptly mentioned by Dr Pitroda, basic problem is not of brain drain or gain but major challenge is Brain Change. Fixed mindset is the challenge at all levels. It has to change first for everything else to change.