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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Failure of Communication , Failure of Deal

Price negotiation is a part of business deal making process. It is business as usual and entrepreneurs should not mind involving in negotiation with customers. 

This is the response from one of the hoteliers in response to price negotiation request:  

Rs. XXXXX/- final.I will give u the old rates.sorry, if u want the experience,you have to be able to pay for it.specially if u want to celebrate an anniversary.

With the above response, deal was closed and customer was lost. 

Learning is when one is engaged in negotiation it is not always about one's affordability. Rather than talking about potential customers' ability, entrepreneurs MUST be able to explain WHY negotiation is not possible. This is true even if you are in monopoly business. 

Customer is a millionaire but he won’t pay whatever he is asked to pay. He will negotiate and will pay full when satisfied that wherever is asked is fair and reasonable considering what he is getting in return. 

Negotiation is not about customers’ ability but it is about convincing customers that whatever is quoted is the best possible quote. 

Following reply could have saved the customer and deal:

We appreciate and acknowledge that this is your special day and you would like to make it memorable by spending a few days with us. Let me assure you we will make special attempt to make it memorable. 

As far as pricing is concerned we have been able to maintain the property in such a beautiful way to offer best possible experience to our customers. You have acknowledged the same by referring to reviews about our property on tripadvisor. 

Therefore I request you please do not negotiate on price and we on our part make an extra effort to make your special day , very special with us. We look forward to welcome you on your special day.

Even if one is not able to afford Rs. XXXXX/- , the above communication could have saved the customer for future engagement and even for referral business. 

Point is ; communication plays very important role in business deals & customer experience creation. It can break the deal or make the deal and can bring more referral customers. 

Its always how you make customer feel while dealing with you, not only while using your product or services but during the entire process.