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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

B2B Customer Experience is CRITICAL

B2B customer experience (CE) is critical as share of the business each customer brings is substantial. Share of each business referral a customer can bring is also substantial. Therefore to survive and to expand - both , CE in B2B business is critical. 

- When was the last time you sought customer feedback (and more acted on the feedback) ?

- Your customers are buying more from you (% of of your turnover and % of their turnover) ?

- Are you aware about the concerns of your customers ( they are facing with your organisation and they are facing as their own business ) ?  

- Have you taken steps to solve their concerns with your organisation ? 

- Have you asked them about their other business issues where you can play a role ?

- Think to delight them , surprise them and make them aware that you care about their business and relationship. Help them in their success. 

Most business assume that they are delivering great customer experience and enjoying great relationship with customers only to realize sooner that customer is lost to someone else. 

Appoint TODAY Customer Delight Officer ( This is not a cost but an investment that can improve financial ROI of your business ).