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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Choice of Words & Company Profitability

Does your company has vocabulary policy or Vocabulary Directory for the company ?

Yes WORDs are powerful and can Impact the behaviour.

Words we use with our Customers and Employees greatly influence our relations with them. Words we use to communicate : Sales Pitch, Call Center Customer Service, Sales Collateral, Internal Mails, Letter of Appreciation, Failed Services, Presentations, Interviews everythig we do is by way of verbal or written communication - using WORDs. 

At Disney stores worldwide, good buyers are called “Guests” and potential trouble makers or shoplifters are called “Customers.”

When will software designers realize that “Search” is a database function, while “Find” is what people want to accomplish?

Every word has mood and meaning. Every word counts. Every word matters to improve customer experience.

Look at some of the recruitment ads in the news paper or on website. Whether it will be FUN @ Work or Dull @ Work, can be know by reading these advertizements. @ end of the day we deal with the people in whatever we do and We the PEOPLE are hugely influenced by words and language we use. It can make or break our day. 

Mostly front line people in the company are not specially trained on special vocabulary and they fail to impress the prospective buyers and customers. Company owners and senior management does the similar mistake while communicating with their employees. 

Words are MAGIC. Words are Poison. Words are Plain. Its up to us what we make out of our words we use - daily in all forms of communications.

Have your company wide VOCABULARY policy and guideline , one simple step will greatly improve company's performance!!!!! { Motivated and elevated Employees & Brand Advocate Customers, simply by altering choice of WORDs }