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Monday, January 2, 2012

7 Reasons why ENTREPRENEURs Suffer

7 Reasons why ENTREPRENEURs Suffer :

1) Greed - is the greatest curse ( Will lead to over trading, tax evasion, corrupt practices, low governance standards to indicate a  few )

2) Inaction  - when decision is expected either way and its deferred for long time assuming things will be okay of its own.

3) Too quick actions  -  Execution for the sake of it without proper HOMEWORK. Activity without productivity and focus.

4) Petty Mind Set - Micro Managing , less delegation , less trust on people, less or no freedom to think.

5) Not focusing on Talent attraction - Its people who manages the business. They make or break the business. Not only ability to attract but willingness to attract great talent is the KEY top management decision and action.

6) Low on Governance - Its about Mind set not abiding the laws. NR Narayan Murthy " Corporations that genuinely recognises and embrace the principle of good Corporate Governance will drive enormous benefits - the availability and lower cost of capital , the ability  attract talent, clients and business partners, improved competitiveness and financial performance and truly sustainable long-term growth" 

7) Low on Learning -  How we individuals remain relevant? By continues learning and adapting. Same applies to enterprises. Most enterprises are low on new learning and lack innovation culture.

Let the 2012 brings whole mindset of NEWNESS in your organisation. Shake up the way things are being managed. Hire a weird outsider and start experimenting. Results will          { surely } surprise you pleasantly.