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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Are you auditing or living ?

Everywhere we find appointed or un-appointed Auditors always. People criticising others , other's work , other's behavior , finding fault has become their way of life. These auditors will never see right and good  side of the people and things. 

Finding fault in everything is not about perfection oriented mind but its about critique state of mind. Its a disease. Even if the things or person is not right there is no need to wear the cap of auditor in every walks of life. 

Let it remain imperfect. We are not concerned with every imperfect and wrong things/persons. Things will be imperfect , people will do wrong things ,  life will appear to be unjust , but let it be. 

Audit means an evaluation of a person, organisation, system, process, enterprise, project or product i.e. everything )

We audit best of the cricketers , we audit prime minister , we audit work of best of the artists , we audit great film makers , we audit our neighbor , we audit our boss , we audit our relatives , infect we audit everything and every person we know. We not only audit but like a good consultant we have solution for everything we audit. 

Many a times it is perfectly okay to ignore imperfection even in our area of influence and that includes our own imperfection. 

Pause for a day and watch your behavior & count - to how many things,  situation and person we have some suggestions to be better ? 

Then ask , is it necessary ? Does it really matter ? Nine out of ten times, it doesn't. Just stop being an auditor and start living your life.