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Monday, November 18, 2013

Sanjay Leela Bhansali , Ram Leela & Customer Experience

Sanjay Leela Bhansali through his latest movie Ram Leela, teaches every entrepreneur what the customer experience is all about. 


Yes that is true. He teaches us how the story is to be told. Script is critical but that is not sufficient. Story must be told in a manner which captures all of our senses. We have many movies with great stories but failing commercially. This is one of the basic & important reasons.  

It must capture all our senses. Ram Leela is visual splendour. This is otherwise a violent love story but what stand the movie apart is its sets, costumes , colors , songs, dances, music & over all GRANDEUR experience.  

Someone after viewing the movie opined ; it has senseless violence & no story. If you go to movies to know the story, well you may better read the story book. This is like if you wish to have a coffee, well any Udipi hotel would be okay, but we have many many Coffee brands charging hell lot of money for Coffee PLUS & making huge amount of money.  

Cinema is a visual medium so it must be experienced with all the senses. Every director through his movies is telling stories & every entrepreneur is selling something. It is HOW you tell stories or HOW you sell good & services that sets you apart from the others. That decides the premium or otherwise of your offerings.

If you wonder your offerings is no different than competitors , not much effort is put on HOW part. If you wish to create new differentiate offerings, focus on HOW of the offerings. 

Sanjay Leela Bhansali not only knows about telling stories but he also knows HOW to tell stories which captivate his audience & make them spellbound. He could have just told the story without much focusing on HOW but it is his HOW which is fetching him 5 star ratings. It must be a very hard work but easier options never fetch 5 star ratings and rave reviews. 

Customer is a human being ; so he is coming to you for experiencing your offerings with all the five senses. More the senses you capture, more the differentiation you create, more the competitive advantage you gain.  

Watch Ram Leela and learn HOW offering truly differentiated Customer Experience makes it SPECTACULAR & offers competitive advantage to your business.