Friday, June 14, 2013

Passion ( Karma ) Vs Patience ( Destiny )

You may have huge PASSION for entrepreneurship or for that matter anything. 

You need double the PATIENCE to pursue it till you become successful. 

Apart from commitment, hard work , focus the only thing  that can really made a big difference is PATIENCE.

It take huge amount of PATIENCE to be really excelling and become successful at your PASSION. 

Lage Raho is the only option and you may not see light at the end of tunnel and silver lining on clouds and yet you have to keep pursuing. 

In  times of mass movement in the area of start up entrepreneurship. Business Idea matters most but PATIENCE is equally important virtue. 

Passion will empower us for KARMA and destiny will test our patience. 

" Patience and time do more than strength or passion."  Jean de La Fontaine (One of the widely read French Poets) 

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  1. Through my point of view, Passion is madness for something. patience is to wait for it to come to you.