Tuesday, April 10, 2012

6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Find It Difficult to Behave Ethically

- Huge corruption in Govts and Govt Departments makes their unethical behaviors justified

- Flourishing of Tax Evaders and No Govt Will or Visible Action to Bring evaders to books

- Huge Tax Rates, Multiple Taxes ,  Cost Increase , High Inflation and Competitive Pressures. Its about survival at Stake.

- Lax legal System. Tax Evaders & Corrupt go caught free for Years.

- Huge expectation from share holders, analysts and lenders

- 6th Reason - well every reader will have his own apart from above !!!

Most entrepreneurs start with clean slat and high morale but the above realities of life and culture around us makes one indifferent towards immoral and unethical behaviours. 

Everything is justified and fair in war , love and now business. This is the reason Narayanmurthys and  Azim Premijis are at premium. 

In the given scenario it is very difficult to act ethically and survive in the cut throat business atmosphere. Pity !!!!.