Sunday, August 28, 2011

Anna Movement & Lessons for All Institutions (incl Business Enterprises)

Governance is a MAJOR cause of CONCERN across the world and across the institutions. Be it Parliament, Political Parties, NGOs , Companies, Cooperative Societies, and even housing society s'.

Over the period of time all these institutions forget for whose benefits are they suppose to work. Management of this institutions becomes self focused and start working in their self interest. Leaving aside the real expected beneficiary of their existence as per their governing CHARTER. 

Therefore it is very essential to have ANNA in every such institutions to make them aware about their role (On a continues basis)  and keep them on track. 

We need truly Independent Directors not only on the board of listed companies but also on the board of all other Public Institutions and Govt Funded NGOs. Today the way SEBI guideline n Independent Directions are being practiced is nothing more than a FARCE. Hardly a handful of companies have implemented this in spirit. 

Like our political Class who have lost face with people they represent , business enterprises have lost face with their CUSTOMERs, for/because of whom they exist. URGENT and extreme steps are required to bring customers in focus.  

Anna have awakened not only people and politicians of the country , it also MUST awaken all across the institutions about their Governance Standards.  Its in the interest of these institutions as competition will drive U out of business when focus is lost and governance is at its nadir. 

Appoint one true ANNA on your board and listen to him also.  Yes its in the interest of every enterprise. Why do we have only 1 company known for their governance and hence for performance also? Its time for others to raise their bar on governance and customer focus.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Great Content is Greater Business Enabler

Great Content is Greater Business Enabler. 

Yes people are interested to great insights. They are interested in solving their problems. They deal with companies { be it product or service } to solve their life problems or get rid of their life problems. 

All of us who are on the other side of offering great products or services MUST know this. MUST know Why we are offering WHAT we are offering. All of US are solution provider, transaction of sale is JUST a means to the solution. Ultimate objective of the CONSUMERs of solving problem MUST fructify with our offerings.

If require we MUST go out of the way { its never out of the way if U have solution mindset } & enable solution by supporting CONSUMERs with extra efforts over and above selling and offering our MENU of a  services. 

- If you are a group buying site - Provide Content on Why U buy what u buy, various product variations and its implications , suitability of products for the buyers, what to take care if buying from retail store,how to use the products, how to maintain etc. ( is hugely successful mainly due to powerful content creation)
- If you are a Real Estate company -  Provide content on home buying precaution, how to manage the asset, how to form various interest groups in the society, Hoe to celebrate public festivals ,  how to maintain the flat and society etc.

- If you are in restaurant business - Provide content on what to eat, when to eat , how to eat, ow even to cook at home, culinary science etc

- If you are a Dentist - Provide content on maintenance of healthy gum/teeth,  what to eat and what not, how to avoid dental decay, what to know before any treatment etc

- If you are into Hospital Business - Provide content on preventive health, fitness regime, diet and food, precaution before any treatments at {any} hospitals, regular maintenance and health check up tips, how to buy medical insurance etc etc.
- If you are a Bank - Money Management, investment avenues and risk associated, wealth planning, will and various loans and its nuances, how to get better ratings, how to avoid CIBIL reporting and remove names from CIBIL, financial discipline, your family and your finances etc etc. 

- If you are a Travel Tour Company -  Where to go, how to go, what to take care, when to go, what to carry, real life experiences of other travelers, How to enjoy the journey, how to plan for journey of your own, where to stay, what to see en-route etc etc.

Likewise any and every industry can create powerful supportive and holistic content for the customers. Helping them 100% should be the motive. It may mean less focus on marketing efforts and more focus on reaching out to help genuinely in solving customer problems.   

Going beyond the MENU into the shoes of COSTUMERs. Its easy if you sit other-side of the table & think and plan but difficult if you are obsessed with your products and offering.  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

4 Lessons Entrepreneurs can learn from battle - Anna Hajare Vs Govt

Law , lawyers & professionals cannot handle emotional situations. Its great LEADERs who can handle such a situation.  

Congress has best of lawyers like P Chidambaram and Kapil Sibbal , new but more than aggressive Manish Tiwari , AM Singhvi and S Khushid and learned professional PM.  Though the way they are handling the situation , we can learn a thing or two from their blunders.  

- When U can peacefully agree & have your way, don't make it an EGO issue.  { What is the harm in presenting both drafts to the Parliament , when ultimately it will be decided by MPs only.}

- Don't remain so lethargic in solving burning problems so that wisdom is replaced by thoughtless immediate solution when water goes beyond the head. ( In Japanese there is a word KEIRETSU which means action when age of the problem is ZERO, but we act when problem is ripe and ready to become much bigger , They even could have invited opposition members in drafting committee which they did not do. }

- Tact can handle the situation better than legal way. { people management in the organization - some lessons!!! }

- Have wisdom to Foresee implications of present problems & actions to solve the same. { Anti Congress waves across the nation for their way of handling the situations }

Stakeholders' sentiments do matter ( Suppliers, customers, people (staff) and  shareholders ) and ignoring the same can prove fatal in the long run. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 & 8 Reasons to  { must } WOW !!!!! [  Delight  ] Internal Customers 

I was thinking about what to write on my 100th Blog today. ( in 10 months , First Blog on 11th Oct 2010 & this one was planned for Independence Day i.e. 15th Aug ).

I had to sent one project report to someone who wud depend on the same and would work on the same further.  Therefore today morning I started working on the same. While working I thought I shud do the work in such a fashion that the other guy need not have to do anything better and just take the process further. That will make me feel happy , make me dependable and saves his time (i.e project execution time)

This made me thinking of Customer Experience of Internal Customers. Most of my 99 blogs were on customer  { external } experience and how to WOW!!!! our customers. Most people in the organisation thinks that I am not in direct touch with the final customer how can I WOW !!! my customer??? They think I am sitting at the corner of the office in  of accounts or purchase department. I even don't see my customers. WOW !!! is not for me. 

As an accountant if I make a mistake on tallying accounts or adjusting customer payment to his account I am impacting customer experience. As a purchase manager if I am not buying right quality products , right time I am impacting customer experience. Everyone therefore can influence ( is influencing ) customer {external} experience. 

However my point here is about impacting internal customers. Internal customers i.e person who is dependent on our work to take it forward.

- Auditors are dependent on Accountants work
- Production Team is dependent on Purchase Team
- Sales Team is dependent on Marketing Team
- Project Team is dependent on Finance Team
- Sales Team is dependent on Logistics Team
- Everyone dependent on IT Team & even Security 
- & PM is dependent on PMO !!! 

     { One can add many more dependencies }

Even within the department person is dependent on other person's work. If we wish to WOW !!! our customer, WOW!! person dependent on your work by giving not only best of you but more than what is expected. { going out of the way to make his work easier , faster and even beautiful }


1 -  You r happy { doing something great plus you also will get dependable work from colleague on whose work u r dependent }

2 - Fellow Employee is Happy

3 - Every one in the org Happy

4 - Customer { External } Happy

5 - Time of rework or recheck saved

6 - Culture of WOW !!!! percolates

7 - Everyone work to WOW !!! daily , on every assignments

Bottomline : 
Blue Ocean creation for the company. 
{ unbeatable competitive advantage }

Sunday, August 7, 2011

We need new age economic theories to Deal with Double Dip or Multiple Dip Recession ?

Economies after Economies are stumbling. World is under dire economic crisis (Hidden and deferred somehow)

Every Governments world over are corrupt.

Most organisations { public and private } are employing corrupt or unethical means to achieve their ends. 

Therefore we can conclude that leaders at most levels & geographies are failing. 

We are struggling to manage all the above in the new economic order and its dynamism. 

Keynesian or Marxist  both theories r seems to be out of order and need total overhaul and rethinking. Our RBI Governor raising interest rates to tame inflammation is somehow not digestible. All policies and steps appears to be a guess work and trial and error methods.

Companies achieving financial results or cooking accounts to look sound by all means is not acceptable. (people, society and environmental  - casualty)

We are growing and hoping to grow but scholars and researchers need to put in more time and efforts to figure out how to not only survive but grow in the new age of digital population. 

Our lifestyle, means of production ,means & speed of communication, preferences, wealth creating business models, spread of social enterprises and its impact, socio economic condition, age of start up and retiring population & multi polar world - everything has undergone a SEA change. 

Inspite of MEGA change in the scenario around us we cant be guided or influenced by age old economic policies or  management principles.  We need total re-imagination and rethinking to solve problems of TODAY. 

Double dip or single dip or deepest recession  - we need creative and refreshing thinking LEADERS at all LEVELS. 
{ Country, institutions , enterprises and society }. 

Recheck and re imagine your area of influence and how to keep these influence not only growing but  INTACT also.

" The future will not be an extrapolation of the past " CK Prahalad { Still we try to find solution from the extrapolation of the past theories !!!).  

Don't go back to proven theory books , but { need to } create ONE.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Few Reasons why WE must shed our employer Loyalty Mindset - NOW!!!!

" Applicant should be ready to work 24 X 7 " was the sentence in one of the recruitment Ad in leading national daily today. 

I wonder who would apply for such jobs ???

Under the pretext of loyalty and commitment these type of companies are social evils. They do not want us to be with ourselves, our families and live our lives. 

We are first loyal to ourselves. In Mahabharata KARNA was first responsible for himself but he choose to remain loyal first to Duryodhana knowing fully well that D was wrong. We all know the result of remaining loyal to wrong people ( Boss & Company too) . Likewise all fanatic target crazy and only ROI focused ( not sensitive to employee happiness, customer WOW !!! and social responsibility )   companies wants us to be their slave under the pretext of loyalty and commitment.  { How many companies are interested in happiness and lives of people working for them????  }  ( why no companies measure non financial measure of success like people happiness, customer happiness , social and environmental commitment every year ) 

We all want happiness, time for family, time for self, time to enjoy not once in a year but on an ongoing basis. We all work , yes , for our passion but primarily for money ( lets accept the fact ) and money we can enjoy by spending it on our own life purposes and happiness. 

We spend our (only) life to earn for happiness , earn for education of children , earn for marriage of children and for our retirement corpus. This is possible through working for someone or for our own. 

We are compelled to stay on even through we do not want to is because ;

1) There is no other option
2) We don't want to  dare
3) We are afraid of change
4) We do not want to look at other options
5) Assume that known devil is better than unknown devil
(How abt the reality of - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara !!!)
Today's corporations are INSANE about growth & valuation sans sensitivity towards people influenced by their existence. 
( They give employment and money so they can demand 24 X 7 of our weeks !!! )
Something must change fundamentally, the way we manage our companies. 

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